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I’m so sorry for being so un-active on this blog, my exams were going on and I just couldn’t make time for it. But my summer vacations are starting from 23rd and I can’t promise something but I’ll try and be more and more active and complete all the request. :) Thanks for bearing with me for so long. :)

can you give me the link from where you downloaded your photoshop? to come with the "saver for web" option? thank you!

well i’ve already answered about the whole downloading links post, but here it is again - bypinksman

it has all the links for the following, for both mac and windows

  • pscs5
  • pscs6
  • ps cc

I have ps cc for windows :) and save for web works perfectly there. :D 

May 15



  • psd 2x1 - example
  • Adjust the layers if you need
  • like or reblog if downloading.
  • download ⇢ cl
(this is the dancing with the stars anon) no specific episode, but season 16 would be preferable :)

okay babe, :)

May 01

COLORING. 1042 (fave) // cloudapp.

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  • example
  • Adjust the layers if you need
  • like or reblog if downloading.
  • download ⇢ cl

Sherlock; psd 007 by SCREENCAPSPSDS. Like or reblog if you take. Contains an optional b&w layer outside the group. You can request more psds hereDOWNLOAD.

dancing with the stars psd? great blog by the way, super helpful :)

Okay, :) is their a special season or episode that you’d like to tell me?

Currently working on the Sherlock psd for you guys. :) it’ll be hopefully up by tomorrow, as I have school too, :/ :D

you topaz / sharpness in use screencaps? If yes, could post? tumblr of you is perfect, loving.

OMG thank you, :) your english is so cute, aw. :D and I just posted my action babe.